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Low Cost Rabies Clinic:
The South Windsor Police Animal Control Officers will be hosting a low cost rabies vaccination clinic on Saturday May 17th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Fire Headquarters.   Company 1- Fire Headquarters is located at 1175 Ellington Road (Route 30) and the event is open citizens from other towns as well.  The vaccinations cost $20.00, only cash payment will be accepted.  All dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be brought in carriers.  Written proof of prior vaccination is required for a 3 year certificate. 
Additional information is available from Animal Control Officers Robin Bond and Brian Kelley at 860-648-6239 or and

Update March 3, 2014:

With temperatures remaining low and frozen ice and snow covering the ground it is even more important that residents supervise their animals during dusk and dawn hours when coyotes are most active to protect their pet. Residents along power lines and open space should be especially cautious, but coyotes are adaptable and accustomed to more residential areas too. The smaller prey that they prefer is not as easily accessible during this type of weather and larger animals such as deer are at risk.
 Remove any food sources such as pet food and bird seed from your property so as not to entice the coyotes close. Secure your trash. Use motion sensor lighting and hang items such as wind spinners and chimes to discourage the wild things. Items such as wind spinners must be relocated and moved regularly to prevent animals from acclimating to them. Do not leave your pets outside unattended! Additional information is available at the DEEP website.

The South Windsor Police animal control division is experiencing an increased number of coyote sighting complaints in the northeast corner of town along the East Windsor town line and in the area of the Christmas tree farm. |Residents are reminded that coyotes and other wild animals are native to South Windsor.
Do not leave pets outside unattended. Cats should be brought in especially at night and dogs should be under close supervision at all times while outside. 
Homeowners should eliminate any food supplies such as pet food left outdoors, table scraps on compost piles, and fruit below trees. Secure trash cans and consider taking in birdfeeders. 
If a coyote is sighted make the animal aware that it is unwelcome! Shout, flap your arms, and behave aggressively. We encourage residents to use very loud noises. Bang cooking pots together, or keep on hand party air horns. Install motion sensor lighting. Use items on your property that create noise and movement such as wind chimes or wind spinners. These items should be moved occasionally so the animals do not become acclimated to them.
Coyotes may exhibit bold behavior around people however aggressive behavior toward people is very rare. If a coyote does not run off at noise, if the animal appears unable to maintain its balance, or if the animal appears otherwise sick or injured contact the South Windsor Police Department at 860-644-2551.


The South Windsor Police Department renders appropriate humane and professional care for injured and stray domesticated animals, as well as other animal control functions.  The Chief of Police is designated the Municipal Animal Control Officer and has the authority to appoint Assistant Municipal Animal Control Officers. Community Service Officers Robin Bond and Brian Kelley are South Windsor's Animal Control Officers and are the ones who handle animal control issues on a day to day basis. 

Animal problems or concerns should be reported to the police department at (860) 644-2551.  The dispatcher will notify the animal control officer on duty or a patrol officer to respond to your complaint. To contact the animal control officers directly see the schedule below.

Robin Bond     Mon-Fri  7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  (860) 648-6239
Brian Kelley    Tue - Sat  3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (860) 648-6239
They can also be reached via email: Robin Bond  Brian Kelley .

South Windsor has joined the towns of Manchester and East Hartford for the sheltering of stray dogs and other animals.  The facility knows as the Tyler Regional Animal Care Shelter - TRACS is located at 124 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor.  The costs associated with maintenance, animal care and staffing is shared by the various member towns, reducing the overall annual costs to each municipality.

To reclaim an animal recovered in South Windsor you must contact the South Windsor Animal Control Officer at 860-648-6239 during normal office hours or call the South Windsor police at 860-644-2551 all other times.

To reclaim an animal that may been recovered in Manchester of East Hartford you should contact the animal control officer in that town.  East Hartford (860)291-7572; Manchester (860)645-5516.

The South Windsor police department works in conjunction with other agencies and organizations to ensure the proper and humane care of all animals.  Such agencies include:

- South Windsor Public Works
- Outside Municipal Animal Control Officers
- CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
- Connecticut Humane Society
- State Canine Control Officer (CT Department of Agriculture)
- Audubon Society
- Sanctioned Animal Shelters and Organizations

In the town of South Windsor all dogs MUST be licensed at six months of age.  For further information visit the Town of South Windsor Office of the Town Clerk or click here.

Town of South Windsor Ordinance
Sec. 12-5. Restraint and confinement--Generally.

(a) It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog to fail to keep his dog under restraint or to permit his dog to run at large upon the streets and public ways of the town or upon property other than that of the owner or keeper.
(b) No owner, keeper or custodian of any animal shall fail to exercise proper care and control of such animal to prevent the animal from becoming a public nuisance.

It should be noted that facilities for stray cats are extremely limited.  Only in extraordinary circumstances will our animal control officers capture stray cats.

For a listing of animals available for adoption visit the Petfinder website.